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I'm a masculine athlete living in close touch with nature in a small village in the middle of Germany.
To maintain fitness I go to the gym 6 times a week, have freestyle swimming as often as possible and try to race through the woods almost daily with my mountain bike.
I spend a lot of time outside in nature and take care of a healthy way of life.

I would like to invite you to live sexuality in a natural way together with me. Enjoy my body in the same way I will enjoy yours. Discard your false shame and be proud of your naked body.
Relax and don't feel obliged to realize a phantasy from a heavily cut porn movie. Don't try to enforce violently an erection or orgasm at a specific time or period with the help of pills, drugs and fetishes. Rediscover the pleasure of sex, feeling your partner, touching, smelling, tasting him.
Experience sex as a natural enjoyment and not as something dirty, cruel, offensive or scandalous.

I live nearby GIESSEN - 60 kilometers north of FRANKFURT. You can come to Giessen, but more often I do outcalls to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz or Darmstadt.
Appointments in Giessen or Frankfurt can usually be organized the same day. To the other cities mentioned, an appointment for the same day should be possible as well - although I do recommend making a reservation some more time in advance. Please keep in mind that terms like "now" make no sense when asking for an appointment, as I'm there for pleasurable hours rather than an emergency ambulance.

I can also come to places further away, a reasonable planning in advance presumed. International outcalls are an option too.

Outside of Giessen I do only offer escort dates for at least two hours as the time I have to spend in the car has to correspond with the time I'm gonna spend with you.

On a regularly basis I travel to the Black Forest in South Germany (have a look at my schedule). Then I can also perform outcalls to Stuttgart, Strasbourg and Zurich.

Every appointment starts with a friendly phone call. Don't be shy and call +49 175 749 2882. I'm looking forward talking to you.