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I'm a masculine athlete with muscular body ... for demanding men looking for a sympathetic escort with a manly charisma.

For sure you expect a professional escort service with discretion, reliability and honesty. And that's what I definitely provide! Together with me you'll enjoy a real DATE without being in a hurry. No matter wether you are into tenderness or into male action - you'll have a perfect experience with a highly imaginative guy.

I live in GIESSEN - 60 kilometers north of FRANKFURT. You can come to Giessen, but more often I do outcalls to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz or Darmstadt.
Appointments in Giessen or Frankfurt can be organized within 90 minutes. To the other cities mentioned it takes about 2 hours - although I do recommend to make a reservation some more time in advance - one day in advance would be perfect.

I can also come to places further away, a reasonable planning in advance presumed. International outcalls are an option too.

On a regularly basis I travel to the Black Forest in South Germany (have a look at my schedule). Then I can also perform outcalls to Stuttgart and Zurich.

Every appointment starts with a friendly phone call. Don't be shy and call +49 175 749 2882. I'm looking forward talking to you.